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Rental of furniture lifts 26 and 07 Rhône-Alpes

Rental of furniture lifts and vehicles in Valence and Drôme (26): the freedom of choice

When you move, your furniture may not go through doors, stairs, common accesses, or you may simply not want to force your entire building to come and go. The rental of a furniture lifter will then be necessary.

An operator will assist you with the move and installation of the furniture lifter and its handling. He will be at your side to guide you and help you choose the equipment that suits you.

Everyone has already had a difficult move, don’t hesitate to make yours easier by using a furniture lifter for bulky items (American fridge, sofa, cupboard, upright piano, safe, sideboard, marble table, etc.).

Let us know a week in advance for the installation of a furniture lifter on the public road, because we will need a municipal by-law for the intervention (watch out for the electric wires when going through the windows).

Possibility of renting furniture lifts by the hour, half-day or full day (or even 2 days or more if necessary) depending on the volume of your move.

The furniture lifter makes it possible to make passages through windows and terraces up to the 8th floor, i.e. 69 ft with a payload of 882 lbs, all connected to the 220 Volts single-phase.

It’s an easy, fast and safe way for places without an elevator with narrow stairs.

The furniture lift also helps prevent damage to property or common areas of the building. The parking authorization formalities will be carried out and managed by us.

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