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Rental of furniture repositories, storage boxes, sealed wooden crates

The Delacquis Contini company provides you with a storage capacity of 27,000 sq. ft.

The furniture repository is the solution to the unforeseen events of life: moving, renovation / construction, lack of space, inheritance …

We keep your belongings free from dust and humidity in a fully secure alarm building.

The furniture and objects are rigorously packed under furniture storage covers by our team of warm and helpful professional movers.

If necessary, cardboard boxes and PVC tape will be provided to you in order to best pack and prepare for storage in furniture repositories.

Our quotes are free. Two options are available to you:


Delacquis Contini offers the possibility, if access allows it, to come directly to your home with one or more individual containers of 283 or 424 ft3 in size, thus reducing handling by 50% and therefore the risk of damage.

The containers are loaded and sealed in front of you.

To determine the exact volume, a sales representative will come to your home to determine your needs: services, volume, access, etc.


The Delacquis Contini Company provides you with individual containers with a volume of 283 or 424 ft3 to store your personal belongings yourself!

To know the number of containers you need, you will have the possibility of bringing in a salesperson to your home to know the real volume and get your free quote.

A packing list can be established at the customer’s request. We can also provide you with staff to help you tidy up the container!

Archiving and management of your archives

Are your archives becoming invasive but, the law obliges you to keep them?

Delacquis Contini Removals are recognized by professionals from Drôme (26) and Valence.

Archiving with technical assistance for:

  • administrations, communities
  • banks and insurance
  • liberal professions

On-site collection:

Supply of containers, collection and classification.

Archiving in our premises in Valence (26000) Drôme guarantees you:

  • storage in a secure place
  • on-site consultation or provision
  • destruction at the end of legal deadlines

Archives and archiving:

Management, storage, destruction and dematerialization of all documents, security and confidentiality, solutions and advice.

Archive storage in Valence (26000), Drôme:

Secure archiving, archival records, physical records management, digital document management, storage solutions, archiving solutions … Contact us!

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