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Moving from/to England and UK – Moving in England and United Kingdom – moving from England to France, from the United Kingdom to France, from Rhône-Alpes Valence by movers from France, England and United Kingdom from Rhône-Alpes to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, and Leeds.

Moving from/to England and UK

Are you preparing to move from England and/or the UK, to France?

Looking for a moving company to help you move from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

Or are you looking for a mover London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh specializing in moving France England and United Kingdom?

Moving specialist from Rhône-Alpes in moving from England to France and France to England, Delacquis Contini moving to Valence Drôme is there to help you move to the United Kingdom with professional supervision for your move from France to England or England to France: you can count on our seriousness and our professionalism which are our watchwords because you cannot improvise yourself as an international professional mover.

Whether you are moving to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol or any other UK city, we can help you with the life-changing move to/from England.

The experience of the company Delacquis Contini reveals our policy and commercial charter: the seriousness of a family business perpetuating its passion for moving, professional transfers, expatriation of officials or retirees, and a permanent challenge of quality from our customers and their expectations.

From generation to generation, the family company of transportation and moving, Delacquis Contini is committed to moving your assets throughout France, Great Britain, England, the United Kingdom, Europe, and England with peace of mind.

Price of your move from France to England or from the United Kingdom to France

Fill out our free quote request and we will contact you within 72 hours to determine your exact need and send you an offer that will best meet your expectations.

The price of your international move to England or the United Kingdom following Brexit depends on several criteria:

  • The volume of items to be moved from France to England or the United Kingdom to France: furniture, works of art, vintage cars, heavy and bulky belongings …
  • The distance between the place of loading and delivery
  • The service or method chosen for moving from England to France (depending on the preparatory work and finalization chosen at the signing)
  • The moving period chosen going to/from England to/from France.

In the event of a transfer, if the move is paid for by your employer, remember to let us know at the first meeting so that we can take the necessary steps and check whether a framework agreement exists between our companies.

Lastly, you would need to indicated to your mover from England to France or the United Kingdom to France: if you will be present for loading and delivery in England and/or France? In the case of absence, who would be present to validate the move?


Free quote with volume calculator


International moving within France, England, United Kingdom and Europe

Do not hesitate to request your Valencia Delacquis Contini movers for more information on:

  • depending on your country of departure or arrival, particularly now Great Britain following Brexit, it may be inadvisable or even prohibited to transport certain items.
  • the transport of jewelry, animals, or explosive objects is prohibited, the professional will not move them so if you have any, we advise you to take them with you.
  • depending on your country of departure customs taxes may apply, it is also important to notify your mover if there are any difficulties accessing your departure or arrival homes.

A single point of contact will follow you throughout your moving process. It is with him that you will examine the specifics of your request, your quote, the documents necessary for transport and customs relations for customs clearance, the loading and delivery dates initially planned to be executed on, advice on the belongings to be declared, etc.
We are not a subcontracting moving center that can be found on the Internet, we carry out turnkey movings without intermediaries by way of road, rail, and/or plane from England to France or France to England with the possibility of groupings for relocation to Rhône-Alpes – United Kingdom. For this option, contact us!

Availabilities & Responsiveness: the key words which embodies Delacquis Contini

Delacquis Contini are specialists in transportations/moving from France to England or England to France. Movings of all types and within all budgets for more than 25 years in 3885 ft³ trailer truck, providing you with solutions adapted to your needs:

  • Transport from a pallet to a full trailer truck (38 pallets on the ground)
  • Transport of specific machinery to/from England, France, and England.
  • Transport of works of art to/from England, France, and England.
  • Transport of collector cars to/from England, France, and the United Kingdom.

Delacquis Contini’s experience covers all areas of practice: private and/or business movings, the transportation as well as the furniture storage for your moving project from France, Rhône-Alpes, England, United Kingdom. Whether you are an artist, a changing executive, a civil servant, a soldier, a retired person if you are going to move from England to France or from France and Rhône-Alpes to the United Kingdom in the near future, do not hesitate to contact us before making any final decision!

Our padded and special trucks with air suspension and tail lifts, our regularly trained professional movers and, our secure and heated furniture repository in Valence (26) Drôme (tailor-made storage space to store your furniture under remote surveillance) will offer you a pallet facilities and services that only a certified and licensed mover from Valencia can provide.

Moving of offices, factories, administrations, communities in nearby Valence 26,000 and Drôme for England and United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Cambridge, etc.

All formulas are possible, simple transfer or complete relocation, local, regional, national and international removals from Valence 26000 Drôme Ardèche, or Rhône-Alpes to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and English-speaking countries.

Our quotes for moving from England to France or France to England are free and detailed. Before making any decision, contact us!


Moving from/to England and UK

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